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The Child & Family Research Institute’s Summer Student Research Program fosters research awareness and interest for undergraduate and medical students. The program attracts students from local, national and international academic institutions, and exposes them to research in the area of children’s and women’s health.

What is the Summer Student Research Program?

The Summer Student Research Program includes studentship opportunities for top-ranked students and an education program for funded and non-funded students.

Since 1987, the Summer Student Research Program has provided more than 900+ students an opportunity to participate in research projects related to child and family health under the supervision of researchers from CFRI, BC Children's Hospital or BC Women's Hospital & Health Care Centre.

From May to August, students work closely with a supervisor on a specific program. During June and July the institute runs a Research Education Program that includes an orientation, workshops and seminar series. At the end of July, the Summer Student Poster Day showcases the research accomplishments of the program participants. 

Additional Information -

How do you apply for the Summer Student Research Program?

Finding a Supervisor -

Before applying students must establish a research supervisor. It is up to the applicants to contact potential supervisors. Applications will be accepted from investigators based at BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital & Health Care Centre or CFRI. Applicants are advised to visit the CFRI website to view researchers affiliated with CFRI. Contact information is provided so applicants will be able to contact interested researchers directly. Researchers may commit to students well before the application deadline; therefore it is strongly recommended that applicants initiate this process as early as practicable.  

Application Forms -

Interested students will submit one of the following application forms -

1. Summer Studentship (for students interested in applying for funding) - Approximately 17 CFRI Summer Studentships are given to top ranked students based on scholarly achievement, scientific merit of the proposed project, and the potential benefits applicants will gain from the experience. Students provided with a studentship are funded up to a maximum of 12 weeks between May and August. All CFRI-funded summer students are automatically enrolled in the Summer Student Research Education Program and required to attend relevant seminars and workshops.

Please note applicants are encouraged to apply for all other relevant summer student awards and discuss alternative funding sources with their supervisor.

The application deadline for applying for a CFRI Summer Studentship applications is March 15. Guidelines and Application Form.

2. Summer Student Research Education Program (for students who have an established funding source) - Externally-funded students are students who have other sources of funding for the summer and would like to take part in the Summer Student Research Education Program. Applicants must be onsite and supervised by a faculty member associated with CFRI, BC Children's Hospital or BC Women's Hospital & Health Care Centre.

The deadline to enroll in the Summer Student Research Education Program is May 15. Guidelines and Application Form.

Summer Student Poster Day - Abstract Booklet
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