Welcome to the
Child & Family Research Institute!

The Child & Family Research Institute currently has over 300 full-time research trainees (from master’s and doctoral students to postdoctoral fellows) in programs of study including pathology, reproductive and developmental sciences, medicine, microbiology, epidemiology, health services research, and nursing.

A long held goal of the scientific programs at CFRI has been to provide a rich learning environment for its trainees. The institute has strengthened its commitment to research training by establishing a Research Education Program within Research and Education Services. We hope that you will take advantage of the Research Education opportunities and resources designed specifically for lab and clinical research trainees at all levels of training.

The types of training opportunities and resources available to you at the institute are geared to help build skills in three broad areas:

  • Research Skills – online search techniques, statistical design and analysis, ethical issues in research and other specialized training opportunities.
  • Career Development – grants crafting, manuscript preparation and editing, presentation skills, intellectual property issues, networking and travel support.
  • Professional Life Skills – communication, networking, motivation, stress management and general management skills. 

Through a variety of seminars and workshops we offer an enhanced academic environment to build bridges between labs, across disciplines, and between lab and clinical research settings.  We also offer a range of funding opportunities including our scholarship competition for incoming graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. There is also funding available for trainees to undertake travel for conference presentations or to gain specialized training not locally available. 

New trainees are encouraged to review the online Trainee Handbook which has been designed as a resource document for trainees at CFRI. It contains a wealth of information about the institute, including relevant facilities, services and contacts. 
I look forward to meeting you at the next CFRI Trainee Orientation. Sessions are typically scheduled in late September or early February, further details will be available in the Trainee Bulletin and on the online Event Calendar.

On behalf of the Research Education Office, I hope your time here will be a productive and enriching learning experience.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this program, please contact me at 604 875-3722 or by email at reseduc@cfri.ca

Yours sincerely,

 Sandra Elias
Manager, Research Education, CFRI