CFRI Studentships & Fellowships FAQs

The following applies to Graduate Studentship and Postdoctoral Fellowship award applicants. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the application package is complete and received in the CFRI Research Education office by the following competition closing date - Postdoctoral Fellowships: December 1 | Graduate Studentships: January 18

For more information on applicant eligibility and award terms please refer the the Trainee Award Guidelines. If you have any additional questions or concerns contact

Application Forms
- All award application forms are formatted as fillable Adobe PDF's that can be saved. To use the form the applicant must have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Forms are not compatible with Apple or Google Chrome's Preview application but can be opened directly through Adobe Reader (1. Save the application form to your desktop 2. Open Adobe Reader on your computer 3. Go to File > Open to select and open the application form)

Application Form Signatures  - Application forms require an applicant and principal supervisor signature. Please note electronic signatures are not accepted. To complete the application form, please print a copy, manually sign and scan as a PDF for submission.

Research Project Information Form Signatures - CFRI coordinates the processing of signatures for the Research Project Information Form (RPIF). To obtain these signatures, applicants should bring the completed application form and RPIF to Nur Eisma, Research Services Office, CFRI, Room A2-142. Provide at least 4 days to obtain these signatures. Once the signatures have been obtained the application form will be returned to the applicant for submission.  For more information review the grant application process or contact Nur Eisma, Applicants are responsible for obtaining signatures from the Principal Supervisor.

Calculated GPA (Graduate Students only) - A print out of the applicant’s calculated GPA or % average, for all undergraduate courses, must be included in the application. For UBC students, the SISC has a built in average calculator.  For non-UBC students use the GPA Calculator.

If your institute does not have a percentage based grading system the calculated GPA is not required. To ensure reviewers do not disregard your application for missing content please indicate why a calculated GPA was not included on the application form.

Evidence of Degree (Postdoctoral Fellows only) - Evidence of degree is required. For applicants who will have completed a degree by the award start date but is still in progress at the time of application, please provide a brief memo explaining the degree is pending. If selected, the applicant will be asked to provide evidence of degree prior to the award start date. Note for foreign degrees a certified English translation and a clear explanation of the grading system must be included.

Transcripts (Graduate Students only) - Transcripts for all post-secondary courses must be submitted. Transcripts must be current and official, or be a certified true copy of the official transcript. Copies of an original transcript should be scan, certified (signed) by the proposed supervisor, department head or notary public, scanned and submitted electronically as an email attachment.  Screen prints of student online accounts and uncertified photocopies will not be accepted. If marks are not complete, please submit the most up-to-date marks. Note for foreign transcripts a certified English translation and a clear explanation of the grading system must be included.

Trainee CV - The Trainee CV should be in CIHR Academic Format. If you have not submitted to CIHR before you do not need to apply for a PIN.  Once all information has been entered, press the Preview button to produce a pdf file of your CV. Draft CV are accepted. The CV must be submitted electronically as an email attached with the application.

Reference Reports - Applicants are encouraged to give potential referees considerable notice when asking for a reference and provide the referees with the reference report form. The reference report must be sent electronically from the referee to before the application closing date. A complete reference report consists of parts A & B and an incomplete reference will not be accepted. When possible, the applicant will be notified of the status of reference reports received by the institute 3 business days prior to the competition closing date.

Applicants must provide two reference reports, neither should be from the proposed supervisor. Postdoctoral Fellows must provide an additional reference report from the doctoral supervisor.

Additional Attachments
- Use only the space provided in the award applications and do not provide any additional attachments as reviewers will be instructed to disregard it. This includes any images or graphs.

Previous Submissions - Material submitted in previous applications is not available to reviewers. All information required for the evaluation of the application should be contained in the application.

Submission Updates - Updates to the information provided in the award application will not be accepted after the award closing date.

Application Submission - The application must be submitted electronically to Original copies are not required and paper copies are not accepted. To submit documents that are not electronically generated (ie. the signed application form and the RPIF) scan the documents as a PDF. The application must be received by 4:30pm on the application closing date.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all items from the application checklist have been received by the application closing date. Note an incomplete or late application will not be accepted. The applicant will receive confirmation from the institute once the application has been received. 

Competition Results - Results of the Graduate Studentships and Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards will be sent to the applicant and supervisor by June 1. Successful applicants will be sent an 'Awards Offer' and the opportunity to review the terms and the conditions or the award. Once the signed 'Awards Offer' has been returned to the Research Education Office the award will be activated.

Payments - Award payments for Graduate Students are administered through Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and paid through the Student Service Centre. For additional information refer to the Award Holder's Guide.