What We Offer

The Research Education Office at the Child & Family Research Institute identifies and develops training opportunities for trainees and clinical research coordinators including lectures and workshops, provides fellowship and studentship information, administers trainee registrations and awards, manages the reading room collection and special library orders, organizes public education events, and addresses general trainee education inquiries.

Recognizing the importance of social activities, several times throughout the year special events are organized for trainees to meet and network with each other.  More information about these and other events are available on the Event Calendar.

All graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are required to register online. This allows the Research Education Office to keep trainees informed of relevant research news, funding opportunities and upcoming events. While registration is not required for directed studies students, co-op students, summer students, volunteers or part-time graduate students and postdoctoral fellows you are welcome to attend lectures, seminars, courses and workshops, space permitting.

Research and Technology Development Office

The Research and Technology Development Office (RTDO) provides trainees with expertise on applying for funding, writing grants and strategic career planning. Their goal is to provide trainees with the skills, techniques and experience needed to find and obtain funding. They offer teaching sessions, workshops and one-on-one meetings to help improve trainees’ understanding of and success in the funding application process. (Tamara English, Senior Research Development Facilitator, tenglish@cfri.ca)